MSNBC – Clinton in command for nomination, Obama becoming irrelevant — UGH!

What in the !?@# is this? From MSNBC’s First Read blog

Some bullet points from LCG’s report:
— Hillary Clinton has taken command of the Democratic nomination for President.
–The Obama campaign is becoming less and less relevant with each passing day.

Bullshit. Sorry for the crassness, but it’s the only word in the english language I can think of that describes this passage accurately.

It doesn’t even matter if LCG is eventually proven correct or incorrect. And it doesn’t even matter that there have been many instances (Howard Dean in 2004) where an early lead has completely dissipated when the actual votes were cast. And it doesn’t even matter that the early primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire will rearrange much of the national polling once they have taken place. What I think matters is that not even ONE VOTE has been cast yet! This is an especially egregious case, considering Obama has an edge over Clinton in the all-important fundraising race, and is at the very least competitive in polling.

Stop it, MSNBC. Stop trying to call the primary race 3+ months before the American citizens get their chance. Stop dampening the enthusiam candidates such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich generate by telling America they have ‘no chance’. Stop killing the interest many Americans gain in these candidates and the budding interest they gain in the political process for the sake of ratings, or hits, or whatever. For gosh sakes, why not let the VOTERS tell you who is and is not relevant, instead of the other way around?

I wish they’d start telling us what we ARE thinking, not what we SHOULD be thinking.


Brett Darrow being stalked by police. Who does he call?

It’s getting really depressing, it almost seems a day can’t go by without more anecdotes about misconduct in the law enforcement system. I had thought about creating a separate blog just for these stories, but figured I could roll it into this one, due it’s close ties to politics and society. I may have to rethink that at this pace …

Upset that he recorded a fellow officers threats against an innocent citizen’s safety, police officers have taken to posting his personal information online and staking out his house…

On Sunday, Brett Darrow filmed a Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department cruiser staking out his home.

“It was the first time I’ve seen it,” Darrow told TheNewspaper. “But my neighbor said he’s seen a lot of police down our dead end street since all of this happened.”

When Darrow walked outside to his 1997 Nissan Maxima, he noticed two officers sitting in a marked squad car, numbered 65. There is little question as to why the officers were there.

“As I got into the car, he started to pull up the street and he and his partner just stared me down,” Darrow explained.

The patrol car drove away as Darrow started his car and followed.
In late June, users of St. Louis CopTalk, an unofficial forum for Saint Louis area law enforcement, posted Darrow’s home address along with messages containing apparent death threats in retaliation for the young motorist’s taping of a DUI roadblock in November and a traffic ticket in June.

All this because Darrow simply left his camera running and captured a policemen’s threats to make something up and lock him away.

We give our police very powerful privileges in our society, the power to detain someone under the color of law, and the power to carry a weapon anywhere they go. They need to be held to a HIGHER standard than the rest of us, not a lower one…

not a police state?

If you liked the idea that governments can seize property from drug dealers, you’re going to love the inevitable expansion of this idea

This month the city of Rockford, Illinois will begin allowing residents to call the police and have any vehicle seized on the mere accusation that the car used a loud stereo system.

Merely having a loud stereo is enough! You don’t even have to proved guilty, the arresting officer’s judgement will be enough. And they’ll keep your vehicle until you pay your fines, no matter if you’re guilty or not. The city can wait up to 45 days to hear your appeal of your impounding, while fees accumulate up to $1100!

They say crime doesn’t pay. But it sure appears that fighting crime pays very well, and like any business, the more customers you can create (in this case, criminals), the more it pays.

Another take on Bill O’Reillys foot to mouth insertion

“It was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun,” he said. “And there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.”

I think the interesting thing about his quote about eating at an African-American restaurant with Al Sharpton is the nature of the quote itself. He noticed something I wish today’s anti-immigration ilk (O’Reilly being a primary player there himself) would recognize and understand more clearly. People ASSIMILATE. Society demands it of those who want to prosper, as does the free market. This hysteria that somehow, in 50 years America will be North Mexico are, well, way out of whack. A 20 year old Mexican who comes here and works for 50 years will, for all intents and purposes, be a 70 year old American whose children may have never even visited Mexico and has just finished a half century contributing to American productivity through his work and American economic health through his consumption. O’Reilly just realized that, although he doesn’t seem to know it.

He’s getting very close to realizing, it, though:

His radio commentary, he said, “was an attempt to tell the radio audience, black or white, that we’re all Americans [and] the stereotypes you see on TV are not true.”

Is a high school student streaker a sex offender?

A Pleasant Grove, Utah, high school student streaks across his schools auditorium as a prank, and is not only arrested, but a possible mandatory registration as a sex offender! Have people lost their friggin minds?

Not only is this charge a joke, but, if he is forced to register, it will be another step to making the sex offender registry a joke as well. Now granted, that is unlikely to happen, but I’d be foolish to dismiss the possibility. Clearly, a streaker is NOT a sex offender. Nudity does not equal sex, not in every situation. Flashing, perhaps. But not streaking. That’s more than clear to anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense. But if the sex offender registry won’t make the distinction, it will lose it’s effectiveness as fewer people will take the ‘sex offender’ status seriously, assuming the list does not use the common sense it’s users do.

Police complain: The police are too tough!

I think it’s generally accepted that there is no single group of people out there more insulated from the force of police action than fellow policemen. The code of silence is well known, as are the urban legends about what you do and don’t need on your car/license plate to help yourself get out of a traffic ticket.

Apparently, in this age of law-and-order crackdowns, not even the police are immune. And they aren’t happy about it either. decries, and this is no exaggeration, those policemen who treat other policemen the same they treat everyday citizens! They even go so far as to ‘out’ other policemen in a “Dick of the Month Club”. Could you imagine the coronary Bill O’Reilly and similar ilk would have if a private citizen started ‘outing’ police? There’d be cries of ‘targeting’ and ‘vigilantism’…

The web site maintains that this is simply a ‘perk’ of the job. That they simply want to avoid a ticket for the same things a private citizen may conceivably get away with just a warning. Nonetheless if even policemen themselves are unhappy with the way they are treated by their fellow officers, perhaps there’s a problem?

My favorite quote, from the first story on the main page, an officer upset at the Illinois State Police …

The thing that bothers me is 1) she showed no respect for me. All the years I have worked, the different units I’ve been on, the shitheads that I have arrested didn’t mean squat to her.

Wasn’t citizens he’s arrested, or even criminals. Shitheads. Not as much fun when you’re the shithead, eh?

p.s.  The officer upset at the Illinois State Police for his/her ticket was clocked at 85 mph! Best case scenario, that’s still 20mph over.  What about the concern for fellow drivers?

Emperor Ahmadinejad’s buck naked

Foxnews’ reporting of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia was nothing if not predictable last night.  I think it was the intro to Shepherd Smith’s show that couched his visit with the question if the First Amendment can be “taken too far sometimes” and asked whether Columbia, by inviting him, had given him ‘legitimacy’.

As has been the case way too often over the recent years, the right has been shown that they take these guys way too seriously.  He showed up.  He exploited (to the thinking of some) our right of free speech, and spoke to the friendliest possible audience he thought he could find.

And in front of millions on tv Ahmadinejad was excoriated as ‘uneducated’ and ‘petty’ by some of the farthest left-libs this country can assemble at one place.    Worst of all, he was laughed at.  Not with, at.  Laughed at derisively in fact.

The GOP should not be afraid of the First Amendment.  As was shown last night,  the best possible way to get these terrorists and their sympathizers to lose all respect in the world is to not be afraid to give them the platform they desire.  Ahmadinejad came to Columbia a provacateur, and left it a clown.