Foxnews debate

I thought John McCain was great tonight.  He may have even switched me over from Ron Paul to him.   He easily showed the best command of the issues, was not afraid to shy away from his unpopular stands, and none of the questioners could really touch him, much as they tried.  The McCain of 2000 is back, at least for tonight.  Ron Paul gave some answers I love to hear, really injecting sanity into questions such as the hypothetical with Iran.  His comparison with the Cold War is apt, but the response given by Giuliani was entirely fair as well, the real concern isn’t with Iran using the nukes, but rather them handing one over to al-Qaeda.    But Paul still favors a total withdrawal, and I just think that is the least desirable option at the moment, with the surge appearing to be working.   Huckabee did make a good point about upholding our honor in how we conduct something like that.   The debate between Paul and Huckabee over withdrawal was really a highlight, spirited and intelligent and really displayed the passion of both positions.  Mitt Romney seems like a Republican Bill Clinton to me.  I know I shouldn’t take anything he says seriously, but it’s almost hard not to like the guy.

On the downside, Mike Huckabee’s insistence that our government should be able to track people with the same efficiency we track UPS or Fed Ex packages is just scary.  Are these people even listening to what they’re saying?  Fox News really did a hatchet job on the immigration issue too, really targeting Giuliani and McCain for their moderate stands.   And it was nice to see the ‘tough on illegals’ crowd really discredited tonight with their boiler plate responses …


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