The media made me do it!

Wow, no wonder Republicans were so quick to get rid of him! Even when facing the increasing prospect of more losses in 2008. This is ugly in so many aspects, and Craig looks entirely willing to drag this down as far as he can take it. First a conservative, anti-gay Senator is arrested for homosexual behavior in a mens restroom. Next we have a social conservative Senator playing the victim role, a role conservatives usually ridicule when played by anyone else facing criminal charges. Now he’s blaming the media, of all things, not for his arrest, but for his admission of guilt!

Legally speaking, it seems he does have a few options open to him. Nonetheless he pled guilty to disorderly conduct, a very catch-all kind of crime,  one where taking back an admission of guilt may not be easy.  Especially if it’s a lawmaker who’s claiming ignorance of the law.  (Which, of course, is no excuse.) But politically speaking, he already killed his career, in a restroom in Minneapolis. Now it appears the only question left is how many other careers is he going to take with him?


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