Emperor Ahmadinejad’s buck naked

Foxnews’ reporting of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia was nothing if not predictable last night.  I think it was the intro to Shepherd Smith’s show that couched his visit with the question if the First Amendment can be “taken too far sometimes” and asked whether Columbia, by inviting him, had given him ‘legitimacy’.

As has been the case way too often over the recent years, the right has been shown that they take these guys way too seriously.  He showed up.  He exploited (to the thinking of some) our right of free speech, and spoke to the friendliest possible audience he thought he could find.

And in front of millions on tv Ahmadinejad was excoriated as ‘uneducated’ and ‘petty’ by some of the farthest left-libs this country can assemble at one place.    Worst of all, he was laughed at.  Not with, at.  Laughed at derisively in fact.

The GOP should not be afraid of the First Amendment.  As was shown last night,  the best possible way to get these terrorists and their sympathizers to lose all respect in the world is to not be afraid to give them the platform they desire.  Ahmadinejad came to Columbia a provacateur, and left it a clown.


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