Is a high school student streaker a sex offender?

A Pleasant Grove, Utah, high school student streaks across his schools auditorium as a prank, and is not only arrested, but a possible mandatory registration as a sex offender! Have people lost their friggin minds?

Not only is this charge a joke, but, if he is forced to register, it will be another step to making the sex offender registry a joke as well. Now granted, that is unlikely to happen, but I’d be foolish to dismiss the possibility. Clearly, a streaker is NOT a sex offender. Nudity does not equal sex, not in every situation. Flashing, perhaps. But not streaking. That’s more than clear to anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense. But if the sex offender registry won’t make the distinction, it will lose it’s effectiveness as fewer people will take the ‘sex offender’ status seriously, assuming the list does not use the common sense it’s users do.


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