Police complain: The police are too tough!

I think it’s generally accepted that there is no single group of people out there more insulated from the force of police action than fellow policemen. The code of silence is well known, as are the urban legends about what you do and don’t need on your car/license plate to help yourself get out of a traffic ticket.

Apparently, in this age of law-and-order crackdowns, not even the police are immune. And they aren’t happy about it either. CopsWritingCops.com decries, and this is no exaggeration, those policemen who treat other policemen the same they treat everyday citizens! They even go so far as to ‘out’ other policemen in a “Dick of the Month Club”. Could you imagine the coronary Bill O’Reilly and similar ilk would have if a private citizen started ‘outing’ police? There’d be cries of ‘targeting’ and ‘vigilantism’…

The web site maintains that this is simply a ‘perk’ of the job. That they simply want to avoid a ticket for the same things a private citizen may conceivably get away with just a warning. Nonetheless if even policemen themselves are unhappy with the way they are treated by their fellow officers, perhaps there’s a problem?

My favorite quote, from the first story on the main page, an officer upset at the Illinois State Police …

The thing that bothers me is 1) she showed no respect for me. All the years I have worked, the different units I’ve been on, the shitheads that I have arrested didn’t mean squat to her.

Wasn’t citizens he’s arrested, or even criminals. Shitheads. Not as much fun when you’re the shithead, eh?

p.s.  The officer upset at the Illinois State Police for his/her ticket was clocked at 85 mph! Best case scenario, that’s still 20mph over.  What about the concern for fellow drivers?


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