Brett Darrow being stalked by police. Who does he call?

It’s getting really depressing, it almost seems a day can’t go by without more anecdotes about misconduct in the law enforcement system. I had thought about creating a separate blog just for these stories, but figured I could roll it into this one, due it’s close ties to politics and society. I may have to rethink that at this pace …

Upset that he recorded a fellow officers threats against an innocent citizen’s safety, police officers have taken to posting his personal information online and staking out his house…

On Sunday, Brett Darrow filmed a Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department cruiser staking out his home.

“It was the first time I’ve seen it,” Darrow told TheNewspaper. “But my neighbor said he’s seen a lot of police down our dead end street since all of this happened.”

When Darrow walked outside to his 1997 Nissan Maxima, he noticed two officers sitting in a marked squad car, numbered 65. There is little question as to why the officers were there.

“As I got into the car, he started to pull up the street and he and his partner just stared me down,” Darrow explained.

The patrol car drove away as Darrow started his car and followed.
In late June, users of St. Louis CopTalk, an unofficial forum for Saint Louis area law enforcement, posted Darrow’s home address along with messages containing apparent death threats in retaliation for the young motorist’s taping of a DUI roadblock in November and a traffic ticket in June.

All this because Darrow simply left his camera running and captured a policemen’s threats to make something up and lock him away.

We give our police very powerful privileges in our society, the power to detain someone under the color of law, and the power to carry a weapon anywhere they go. They need to be held to a HIGHER standard than the rest of us, not a lower one…


One Response to “Brett Darrow being stalked by police. Who does he call?”

  1. Bann768barbara Says:

    I totaly agree, Ive had a feeling for a long time that I’m being stalked by police and I think it’s because they think everyone who lives in this area are dealing in drugs. Every where I go even in a store , someone or two or three are right on my shoulder. things have happened at my home what I say is heard, because when i get out in public often the informants will talk about what I’ve said its really terrible how they treat people, they turn your neighbors against you, your friends, your church family, I wonder how they are allowed to do all this. And finally when thier stalking is over and they find out you’ve done nothing they are gone but you still have to live in the town where everyone now thinks bad of you, I have walked out of my house and at least eight to ten men were standing in front of my house, they block your driveway, they throw things in your yard, they bring theri dogs to use the bathroom, they are awful and when its over your the victem. Its bad. I think they have even come in my home and gone through everything, I have come home after I know I cleaned my house and the floors would be dirty and my clothes would look like they had been handled with dirty hands, I had a beautiful quilt my mom had given me and all the little blocks had been cut just enough to get a finger in them, so I knew what they were doing, they looked and took every thing apart in my house during the flood when they sent their informants to do the work which was badly done, it took one man three days to paint the top and half of a very small room all he was doing was searching. my phone is bugged I know this for sure. How can this be stopped? Too many innocent people are being done wrong be ones who are suppose to uphold truth and justice. I feel they have been given too much power and are mistreating people. When are the people going to put a stop to how far they can go? The reason I know my phone is bugged, I have a son who has had a drup problem, I took him to a doctor for help several times but the doctor told him that since he did not have a medical card the medicine would be too expensive and that he should get into a clinic where he would have to drive a couple of hours every day, well we could not afford that so I told my son this, I said honey since your buying the hard drugs on the street why don’t you buy the medication the doctor was talking about and we will try and help you come off ot this, so he made a call and he mentioned twenty, Well when he started home from wherever he went they were waiting on him they thought he had ocxys he didn’t he only had a few methodones , they searched and searched his truck and kept asking him where they were, his friend was with him and they threw him up against the car, so I know the only way they knew he was going to buy something was what they misunderstood over the phone. This is bad they should be stoped for their mistreatment of people.. I’m so imbarrsed any more in my hometown where I’ve lived for some forty or so years my son has never been in any trouble in his life and he’s fortysix years old. Its time for the citizens to take a stand and try to stop the abuse that just because you wear a badge and carry a gun gives them no right to harm others. I had one of their informants to follow me all over Wall-Marts begging me to call him, strange, I finally told him I would to get rid of him. Lots more could be told but I’ll stop here. Barbara

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